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Your Ultimate Guide to Using Recycled Plastic Lumber

There is a growing popularity in the use of recycled plastic lumber nowadays, that has been used in marine applications for its durability and flexibility. Recycled plastic lumber does not absorb water or rot, and it is insect-resistant. Wood lumber needs treatment using toxic chemicals but recycled plastic lumber does not need to undergo this procedure. The two types of recycled plastic lumber include composites (mix of natural fibers and plastics) and wood-like products (solely made of plastics). There is only a small amount of waste paper content present in recycled plastic lumber, to make it less slippery and for a natural matte finish.

Recycled plastic lumber offers several benefits than conventional counterparts. Composite products are stable, durable, and resilient. Plastic lumber products don’t need regular staining or painting. What are the ownership benefits of plastic lumber products? There is little maintenance, can last for at least fifty years, graffiti-proof, stain-resistant, waterproof. UV resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and resistant to bacteria and insects. Recycled plastic lumber products don’t need replacement costs and costly long-term maintenance. When it comes to aesthetic benefits, their vast color availability can enhance the look of homes, food stalls, parks, and other structures while resisting the common types of vandalism like graffiti. When it comes to the different applications of recycled plastic lumber products, they include dock, marina, swimming pool, enclosures, commercial, industrial, decking, railing, and OEM. If you are planning to use recycled plastic lumber to your deck and railing, you’ll gain the benefits of the durability and strength, and it can be combined with natural wood for a more beautiful home. Plastic decks look new for a lifetime because they are resistant to sun damage as recycled plastic lumber come with UV protection. For complimenting your plastic deck, you can also use recycled plastic lumber for your railing system.

Create a consistent plastic lumber solution on your entire home and garden by having it on the construction of your patio, porch, and trim. It is now easier and more affordable to build a house or commercial space with less worry about damage with the use of recycled plastic lumber. Do you want to check out the latest trends and applications of plastic lumber today? You may want to check our related articles to find installation and application tips. Now, homeowners have more options for the type of material they can use for this home remodeling and construction projects. Same is true with commercial establishments, recycled plastic lumber offers promising results for more productive, durable, and stronger stalls and business spaces that can withstand all elements. You can visit our homepage or website to find out more about the best recycled plastic lumber ideas.

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